Sunday, December 7, 2008

Transfer to Washington. Transfer to Jefferson. No one at Westerberg is going to let you play their reindeer games

Sarah's kiddie birthday party just ended and we're all basically decompressing on the couch watching Shrek :P Here's some randomness that's I've been meaning to post but never got to.

We visited Portrait Bug a couple weeks ago because IT"S OPEN!!! The store looks fabulous. Totally boutique-like. Love. Everything is organized by color, which basically makes me want to live in the store. A rainbow of scrap goodness surrounds you at all times. It's heaven....imagine a rainbow of Thickers surrounding the most gorgeous chandelier ever. If you've ever wanted to come to NY, here's just another reason to visit!

Sarah also took some photos with Santa in the portrait studio that day. She's been deathly afraid of Santa all her life, but this year, she was actaully able to hang out with him, so the photos came out much better than in past years. She almost as a full smile.....but you can kinda see the fear in her eyes. "OH NO! The man who brings me toys is here...EEEEEK" :P

If you're in the NYC area and need some awesome photographs, check out Portrait Bug. I'm headed back for a new headshot that doesn't include me looking in the bathroom mirror and subsequently cropping out the camera in CS2....
And here's a simple layout I did a while back for PB but totally forgot to post. It based on the flicker bar I keep seeing on people's blogs lately. If I had a flickr account, I would have to have the same one. But since I don't and wouldn't use it if I did (I'm amazed I remember to blog) I did a layout inspired by it.

Time to clean up this disaster area....happy happy joy joy...maybe one more cupcake before i start? ;)

Quote of the day: Heathers


milkcan said...

I saw that layout in the store and I loved it!!!!

lauren said...

Love, love, LOVE that layout!!! Great use of color and the flair!

Beth Perry said...

I really like that one of a kind layout and how the flair were used!

Jana Eubank said...

You amaze me! Perfectly placed details everytime! :D :D :D I LOVE looking at your work!

Anabelle said...

Love that layout. The rainbow of colors on the side looks great. I'm hoping to get to NYC in Jan. Can't wait to check out the store!

Gina said...

I just saw the pics of you and Sarah with Santa on the ABC News all the way over here in Washington State. It was funny because I was just on your blog earlier this evening, then the news came on and there you were! :) My DH thought I was crazy when I said I knew you, if it wouldn't have been for you being my Secret Santa a few years ago on 2Ps and you sending me your corner stamps I would not have recognized you. :)

Sweet Marie said...

Fabulous LO. Love the colors sqares, perfect !

Anilu Magloire said...

That store looks too cool! I'm glad I'm nowhere near it :)
Your LO is insane!!!!! I have to lift it.

metrochic said...

good grief, alexis! first, that layout is a perfect krafty rainbow. and OMG, PB looks fab! i can't wait to visit!

Melonie said...

LOVE that LO! I may have to make the drive to PB one day. It looks awesome.

Katie said...

OMG!!!!!!! Next time I go to New York I have to go there!!! I and I have to tell you how much I jusr LOVE that layout!! It's AWESOME!!

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Yoasia said...

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