Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Well that was absurd, let's eat dead bird...

I've been MIA, but for good reason! I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time this year. And it was awesome. Food was great, company was fun, Sarah loved every minute of it and we had leftovers for days :D

This week has been filled with Sarah's multiple birthday parties (and preparations for each), Dream Street final proofs and rubons were due, making digi xmas cards for business and personal use, yada yada yada. It's been insane!

Thanks for all the comments on the Xmas card! We ended up going with the first one. They've been ordered, received, stuffed and half addressed...go me. Thank again :D

Sarah's fourth birthday was today :D We ate cupcakes, played with her new little "guys" (she loves tiny dolls and figurines - she got the Sleeping Beauty set today), snuggled, made our own band with her new instruments and basically had an awesome day! She also had a party at school, lunch with gma, and a family party tonight. It was like a mini Xmas around here! She has her friend party this weekend...can't wait!

BTW, if you're looking for a cool toy for your preschooler, I highly recommende the new Tag Reading System from Leap Frog. Amazing product.

We also had our fair share of bad luck this week. My tooth fell apart in my mouth. Pain. And my dentist is on vacay (my luck) so I had to see some other guy.

Then, on the same night, my dear hubbie decided to drive me to an early grave...the man, heretofore lovingly referred to as "ass", decided to put a half a pound of cooked pasta down the sinkerator....which got clogged (DUH) and then proceeded to explode out of the bathroom sink located behind the kitchen. A river of capellini flowed into the hallway and through half the kitchen. Sarah took the opportunity to wade through said river and pick up the strands of pasta as they rushed by her feet. :P

Finally, trey tapped it off somehow....minutes later he's standing in front of the sink again trying to figure out what to do....meanwhile pressure is building rapidly....and POW....HUGE burst of water knocks him the heck down...with flying pasta mind you. You had to be there. Had it not been my kitchen I would have died from hysterics!

300 bucks and a hole in my bathroom wall later, i would like nominate him for "ass of the year". (love ya hun!)

Anyway, I'm off to hopefully work some scrappy magic into my schedule tonight. I leave you with an awesome stamp sale over at Label Tulip. And a photo because what would a post be without some sort of photo?


Quote of the day: Home for the Holidays


MandieGirl said...

That is so 'not hilarious' but hilarious at the same time! OMG. So sorry! Hope the rest of the week goes better for you!

scrapcat said...

happy birthday to your sweet girl!
sofi had her party last sunday :)))

Lal said...

OMGoodness! That "is" funny...but not. And LOL@ your dh being "ass of the year". I have one for you...this past weekend, I slipped and fractured my ankle and while I was in horrible pain, instead of CARRYING boyfriend made me HOP about 30+ feet to the truck to take me to the ER. Should I beat him with my crutches?? I think so :)


Congratssssssssssss Sarah!!!!!!!!! Kisses for both!!!! :)))

metrochic said...

ah ha ha! can i laugh since that wasn't my kitchen?! sweet fancy flying pasta. and MY husband's name is also "the man, heretofore lovingly referred to as 'ass'". maybe they are related. ;) happy weekend, a.

ps - my word verification is chips. now i want some. stupid blogger.

lauren said...

absolutely LOVE the title of this post!

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