Monday, March 26, 2007

Found them!

The shoe saga continues: As the long and arduous task of shoe shopping came to an end, I found myself gravitating toward my latest shopping hot spot....Old Navy. Surely, they might have the summer sandals I've been so desperately searching for. It was nearly 70 degrees today...there is absolutely no time to waste! As I combed through the already picked over section of summer kicks (undoubtedly filled with three inch wedge heals and the "ever-so-cute yet not-so-helpful to shorties like me" ballet flats, I FOUND WHAT I WAS SEARCHING FOR!! And in my size no less! Well, they're a little big in the toe, but I say it's a little extra wiggle room so my pedicure doesn't get ruined ;) They have a nice heal that won't kill me if I have to chase after my two year old and enough style to still feel gorgeous dahling.

I just finished creating one of my favorite layouts to date....and the thing took FOREVER to accomplish. I've never been so stumped by a design. But when it was finished, it felt soooooo good. The worst part is, I can't show anyone since it is for a super secret assignment I'm doing ;) Now let's hope the mojo stays around for some more scrapping goodness this week.

I caught the trailor to the new Pirates movie..gotta luv me some Jack. Here it is in case anyone missed it. Who am I kidding? I just want it on my blog so I can enjoy his gorgeous mug whenever I please ;)


KA said...

CA-UTE!! love me some shoe shopping :)

melissa said...

adorable shoes!..might see a trip to Old Navy in my near future ;)

and THANK YOU O' SO MUCH for posting the Pirates new trailer..I love me some Jack Sparrow and cant wait for the new movie :)

Araxi said...

Love the shoes and thanks for the trailer I hadnt seen it yet! Cant wait!

Vee said...

very cute shoes
girrrlll can't wait for POTC 3
love me some JD!!

kat said...

ooohhh i love me some JACK SPARROW!!

Tracy said...

ahhhhh...SHOE shopping...

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