Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I feel like a NEW WOMAN!

It's amazing how one good day can turn your whole mood around. I've been in a funk the last month or so, teetering in and out of bliss and total witchiness. Today I spent a few unforgettable hours with one of my very best friends. We could have spent the entire day together, reconnecting and just enjoying each other's company. But the short time we had just seemed to recharge my spirit and make me feel sublimely happy again. I love that I found someone who could do that for me. I know how lucky I am to have it in my life :) I've been wearing a huge smile all day and have that sense that everything will work out for the best. It's so important to be happy with what we are given in life and not always dwell on what we wish we could have. What I do have is so much more that I even dreamed I would attain. I just need to stop stressing out quite so much. And I promise to do that. I felt like I was walking on air today and I want to keep that feeling for as long as possible. 324436

On an aside, I think it is totally hilarious that I am sitting on the phone with my dear friend Tracey and we have NOT spoken a word in at least five minutes. All we can hear is each other typing in the background, lol! Sometimes it just makes us happy to know we're on the phone together and break in to talk whenever we want. Gotta luv technology ;)

Sarah has been CRACKING me up lately. The things that come out of her mouth....hilarious! Her new thing this week is to ask us if we want to try the food she is eating by saying, "Mommy, ya wan sum? " So adorable! Then she tells you to open your mouth and she SHOVES the food in there. You seriously have to watch for tooth chipping when she has that fork in her hand. Her favorite show is now Backyardigans and The Wonder Pets.....which means that I have been singing both theme songs in my head non-stop. Gotta luv it. At least you can groove to some of the Backyardigans songs...wait..did I just say that?? :P She's also in love with her new ballerina tutu...she even spins with her hands in the air and points her toe. I swear one day I'm going to eat her up she is so cute!


od529 said...

We're talking NOW!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Vee said...

i do that all of the time, type and talk
sometimes it works and other time not so well
i hate it when i get busted for it. :) LOL

Lara said...

your daughter is adorable. my daughter gets "baby crack"'s fun to see your life outside of dream street. congrats on the QVC thing - that's awesome! see ya in july.

melissa said...

I need to work on my stress too :P happy days like that when you cant stop smiling are the best

aww Sarah is adorable :D

lisa garay said...

i visit your blog just so i can see your pretty, happy layouts streaming down the side ;)

have a wonderful day, girly.

Tracy said...

your little one looks so grown up in that pic - must be the way her hair is pulled back. she's adorable!

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