Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Words of a child....

Sarah has been seriously cracking me up lately. Her latest in a string of one liners went something like this:

Mommy: Sarah, you need to go to bed. You're tired and cranky.
Sarah: You better believe it!

Daddy: Sarah, are you ready to eat dinner?
Sarah: No, I'm not hungry, I don't think I'm hungry. Mommy, am I hungry?

Dixie is settling in to the family very well. She loves to run around with Sarah and then lounge on my lap. She's the best of both worlds :) We're headed to a vet appointment for the last of her shots. I hate hearing that puppy whimper so I'm hoping they get those shots over fast. Although I just watched her pee at the front door....she's not so cute right now, lol!!

In Oscar news, I can't believe Johnny Depp didn't win best actor. He was amazing in Sweeney Todd. Well, he wins my award for best actor anyway. IF only he'd come over so I could bestow the honor on him personally ;)

The projects above were both created with my new Dream Street {Miss}fit line. It's still crazy to think that the papers will be in stores soon...if they aren't there already! If you've used my papers on any of your layouts, please link me up. I'd love to see them!


Holly said...

love these!!! :)

Choupiesque said...

Wow, your work is amazing!

dannigirl said...

super cute girl.

Hannah said...

oh, very cute....where can we find your paper?

Vee said...

love your projects, gorgeous!! I was shocked that JD didn't get it eitherm he never gets any love from the Oscars!!

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